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Member Registration

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Member Registration covers our liability insurance & online operations costs.

We now have Semester based registrations

  • Fall 2017 : September 5th to mid-December 2017.
  • Spring 2018 : mid-January 2018 to end May 2018.

We also have 1-time sampler Registration, for those who want a taste of Yogashaala teachings, before committing to Semester Registration.

You are paying for Yogashaala membership, for which you get content to help you build a Personal Home Practice for a life filled with magic & creativity, and minimum stress.

Yes, all this is indeed possible.

Our Member meetup sessions provide guidance to learn in depth the practices described in the purchased content. These sessions are in physical space & online also, to reinforce how to build a Personal Home Practice. Details will be sent to you after Registration.


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