Yogic Science and Physics

It is helpful to draw analogies from the physical universe to concretize the psychic concepts in Yogic Science. To physical scientists interested in Yogic Science please don't be distracted by nitpicking too many holes in this article because this will derail the main purpose of understanding the conceptual power of Yogic Science. Surely, someday, Yogic Science will converge with Physical science, and at that point these analogies may even transcend correlation to causality even!

Physical Science

Around us and within us what we perceive as solid matter is mostly 💯 % space filled with energy. When we feel solid matter it is actually just coherent electromagnetic (EM) fields rubbing against each other.

What we perceive as objects around us are just these EM impulses and the brain, but another coherent EM field, just organizes these impulses in a way to build mental constructs and make sense of them.

Everything we perceive is then a mental construct. Obviously, these mental constructs are separated from each other in our cognition so as to not confuse our sense of space and time. Otherwise, for example, the chair we are sitting on would seem no different from our own body, and the table right across would be no different from the chair. That would not be a very navigable world to say the least! 

However, there is a fundamental physics hypothesis that in fact all particles are not just inter-connected but even originate from one single point of infinite energy, called the Big Bang theory.

Furthermore at the quantum level this means that the entire physical universe was packed so intimately that all its particles were entangled. Quantum entanglement means that if you change one of a previously entangled pair of particles this action will impact its counter particle - even if that entangled partner is at the other end of the universe - and this happens instantly, faster than speed of light even!

The Psychic plane

The Yogic implication of this Big Bang / Quantum entanglement theory is that  when we change the particles that constitute our mental constructs we are thus able to impact the material world. And this mind-matter interaction and transformation is accomplished through Yogic Science.


Furthermore, physical scientists assume that consciousness arises from a certain concentration of biological matter and manifests only in higher order living beings. However from Yogic Science perspective, Consciousness is the original cause and not merely the result of the material universe. That is, the infinitely packed original pin point of energy which burst forth into this material universe is just the universal conscious Being having one intense thought. When this Being enters into a deeply silent meditation to build up its psychic energies, at some point it decides to come out and express itself with just one intense thought that packs a real punch. That one intense thought is so powerful and potent that it manifests the entire physical universe.

That's an even bigger Wow!

From Psychics to Physics

This universal Being is what we call as ब्रहमन् Brhman, the infinitely vast and ever expanding pool of conscious energy, in which we all reside like waves on an ocean, an integral part of it, feeling as though separate from it and from all the other waves, while still riding on its currents. And when we dip into the ocean we ourselves become ब्रहमन् Brhman, manifesting our Universe at will.

Such a powerful hypothesis is what motivates us to take this deep, deep dive into the inner world, for as we master the universe that lies within we are correspondingly mastering our ability to control the universe around us. Just by thinking about it - yes, but having done a whole lot of prior work as per Yogic Science beyond just the relaxation and personality transformation benefits associated with Yogic meditation. 

Those yogis who master this Yogic Science are whom we call as Rishis, star beings able to write and direct the story of life itself in a Leela, or a divine play, that sweeps us along on its endearing currents, confounding and inspiring us in equal parts!

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