Yogic Science

Yogic Science is equivalent to the Science of Consciousness.

YogSci could be a good short form for Yogic Science, since it complements the materialistic/reductive perspective of Cognitive Science, and would eventually even drive it, since perspective is everything!

Yogic Science, as advanced applied psychology, is the most intense experience-based approach for transforming the human condition.

On a physiological level Yogic Science is about fine-tuning the entire nervous system to the perfect pitch.

The practice of Yogic Science is what we call as Yoga.

This is hard Science

Yogic Science is the most objective of sciences because it turns even the observer/subject into an object under its penetrating lens, in order to de-program all our subjective biases.

Yogic Science is the solution to the root problem of observer bias and subjectivity that subtly distorts results in the material sciences.

The practice of Yoga, through the application of Yogic Science, successfully leads to tangible outcomes even in the material plane. 

A psychic Model

We start with a fundamental hypothesis that this is a psychic model of mind that transcends the normal mental constructs of space-time.

We use the word 'psychic' deliberately in an effort to convey the magic inherent in the outcome of the process. Literally, 'psychic' is simply an adjective of 'psyche' if you don't feel like going down the mystical path - that's perfectly fine too.

Keep in mind the dictum that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". So keep an open mind about what makes Yogic Science scientific until you finish reading and absorbing all the content and links in this article.

Of course, in true scientific process we have to design experiments, observe the outcomes, and draw rational conclusions.

  1. We make our initially fragmented Self, usually the subject, as the Object of the experiment. The typical observer now becomes the observed. 
  2. The experimental process is all about reflection, becoming more and more self-aware of events around us, what is their root cause, how we react. What do our perceptions of the world reveal about us? What behaviors can we drop that is not reflective of our Self? What can we add?
  3. The experiment concludes when the Subject merges with the experiment. That is, our disparate fragments of the Self become polished, well-integrated facets that reflect our ideal life story.

This psychic model of Yogic Science at the root of Yoga is not so well known because of the fashionable marketing and consequent dumbing down of Yoga.

It has been used and abused by legions of accidental psychics, and Yogic Science puts all of this 'magic' on a firm scientific foundation.

Take a deeper dive into:

Creating conscious Beings

When we apply this psychic model of Yogic Science to ourselves, our fragmented perceptions of the world turn into archetypal symbols with universal meaning outside of personal biases.

These archetypes are now just facets of our Self with which, by definition, we can empathize.

When we are in full empathy, these archetypes are no longer static mental concepts but are in fact our ideals come alive as conscious beings

We are literally Idealizing the World, thus embodying our "future" desired Self.

Since in the Yogic world past/future are just states of being accessible in the Now, our "future" Self is what guides us so to manifest in the current world.

This state of the Yogi is called in Yogic Science as being in the ऋषि Rishi state.

Extending this model, our business, our home, our very life itself can be made into a conscious being reflecting our ideals.

Yogic Science is thus the science of manifestation without getting tangled up. 

Yogic Science lets us understand we are in a story, take control of the plot to create our own narrative, then finally we transcend all stories. That is, it is about how to create a master storyteller who knows how to let go.


In the popular, physical practices of हठ Hatha Yoga, for example, we turn our gaze onto our body parts - kidney, heart, feet, thyroid ... whatever! They are no longer mere body parts, but add meaning to our own purpose.

When we empathetically communicate with these body parts they turn into conscious beings and we realize our deepest intent for perfect health.

Thus, not only are we  conscious beings as individuals, we are also composed of conscious beings. This gaze can extend to the cellular level and even to the molecular level if we so will. 

And when we turn our empathetic gaze to the Universal Conscious Being is how Yogis manifest their intent for fabled superpowers that transcend space-time limitations!

Literature of Yogic Science

Psychic was a term much used by Shri Aurobindo one of the great latter day Rishis. Although he was a Sanskrit scholar himself, most of his popular writings are in English to appeal to a non-Indic following. Although we are indebted to his insights, our Yogic Indology studies emphasizes the use of Sanskrit terminology for its amazing transformational advantages that stem from resonance effects.

The definitive Guru who compiled all these models and techniques is of course Maharishi Patanjali. His Yoga Sutras promise even super-human powers, though as a by-product of this transformation process

There is an ocean of scientific literature in this and related areas and we will keep this page alive with links to good reference material:

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    • "Compared to the grandeur of The Yogic View of Consciousness the hostilities of secular science and philosophy appear as little more than the psycho-babble of lunatics and an affront to the sublime majesty of existence.
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