Yogic Indology

Yogic Indology

Ancient Stories

There was a time on this Earth when humans experienced life as a wonder of Nature and transcended space-time limitations in a variety of full-body and out-of-body experiences. And eventually even no-body, any-body, and all-body experiences.

This pure life experience model is तन्त्र Tantra, that which weaves our consciousness with all of Nature.

All stories from ancient times are but differently woven expressions of a common model across all cultures.

All these stories are based on certain archetypes, or universal symbols that have penetrated our mental condition.

The wealth of symbols created and accumulated across time is bewildering, as such our untrained minds are incapable of comprehending the fundamentals of existence.

Actually तन्त्र Tantra is bewitching and bewildering. Practitioners that are One with the charms of Nature, manifest the divine feminine शक्ति Shakti energy of प्रकृति Prakruti, the power of creation itself.

Organizing the felt experience of तन्त्र Tantra is why Yogic Science and the practice of Yoga.

As we well know, the female mind is inscrutable, to most men, and sometimes even to themselves :-)

So prepare yourself now for the most empowering ride of your life!

The Indic Civilization

The beauty of the Indic, or Hindu, civilization is that it is favored by a geography conducive for a very Self-reflective culture.

It still is very Self-reflexive, but the Self has been obscured with a thick coating of non-Dharmic influences. 

The Hindu culture today visibly and largely reflects the effects of a millenium of jihadi subjugation, two centuries of colonial slavery and continuing evangelical mental warfare, compounded with a Marxist grip on the entire intellectual apparatus for the seventy years since its independence in its new format as a curiously formed Nation State.

This was once was a civilization of (mostly) noble kings (and queens) of small and large tribes, dominating the world as an economic and naval superpower, solely because it was informed by Dharma, the highest ideals of humanity.

It is only even possible to distill such experiences into the amazing psychic framework of Yogic Science, because timeless stories need timeless tongues. To this, the credit must be awarded in full measure to संस्कृत Sanskrit and தமிழ் Tamil for their amazing linguistic architecture's ability to capture, preserve, and transmit knowledge unsullied from the dimmest mists of human presence.

We are applying here the lens of Yogic Science and Sanskrit linguistics to a discipline traditionally understood as Indology.  Hence Yogic Indology.

So although we are talking about a particular type of Indology here we are in fact referring to an experience model that is universal and transcends all geography.

There are prior initiatives on using Yogic Science for societal development, such as this one inspired by teachings of Shri Aurobindo, but lacking Sanskrit linguistic depth and the rigor of Yogic Science.

Why Yogic Indology

The objective of Yogic Indology is to utilize the transformational power of Yogic Science and Sanskrit linguistics to elevate the human civilization to its legendary heights as exemplified by the eternal principles of सनातन धर्म Sanātana Dharma. Indeed, it is an idealized model, but as Yogis, and equally as Silicon Valley dreamers, we might as well reach for the loftiest of imaginable heights. Shoot for the stars while being rooted in the Earth! 

In more practical geo-cultural terms this idealized state of humanity is a harmoniously integrated quilt of diverse traditions and lifestyles, respecting each other's boundaries. Given the timeless nature of our lenses though, we stay away from most temporal matters, such as specific historical events, and focus on what is eternally applicable to the human condition.

Such an integrated state of humanity that shines the light of Dharma is the literal meaning of अखण्ड भारत Akhanda Bhārath. 

The राष्ट्र Rāshtra springs forth 

To give you an idea of the bedrock of the current nation state of India, once called the civilization of भारत Bhārat, we apply our lens of Yogic Science and Sanskrit linguistics to the nation anthem created during its reincarnation as the nation state we know today.

Whenever a conscious being applies its gaze to another entity, or collective, the result is another conscious being. That's just how Consciousness works.

The Conscious State springs forth as a राष्ट्र Rāshtra, a conscious being. This is not just a country or a traditional nation state. It is a living collective intelligence with which we communicate in order to manifest our deepest intent for an idealized society.

This राष्ट्र Rāshtra as a conscious being lives within our own psychic energy field. As such we can utilize advanced Yoga practices to transform ourselves as individuals, as well as the collective राष्ट्र Rāshtra.

Thus society evolves into our idealized model of सनातन धर्म Sanātana Dharma

Now ...

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