The Quantum Reset

Let's start with a basic mental reset.

Physical Science

Around us and within us what we perceive as solid matter is mostly 💯 % space filled with energy and when you feel solid matter it is actually just electromagnetic fields rubbing against each other.

What you perceive as objects around you are just these electromagnetic (EM) impulses and the brain, yet another coherent EM field, just organizes these impulses in a way to make sense of them.

Everything you perceive is a mental construct - and the key to understanding Yoga is that by cleaning out our mental impressions we can clean out the world.

How is that possible ?

That is the beauty of quantum physics.

You have all heard about the Big Bang theory that the universe originated out of a tiny dot of infinitely compressed energy ? And boom! The universe we see today came from that one dot.

This means that all particles formed were packed together so intimately that they were actually just one single particle, or what is called as quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement means that if you change a particle it will impact its counter particle even if that entangled partner is at the other end of the universe, and this happens instantly, faster than speed of light even!

To scientists engineers interested in Yoga please don't be distracted by getting into too much scientific detail because this will derail the main purpose, which is to understand the power of Yoga.

We are at this point using Quantum Physics as physical analogies to understand the psychic plane. But, surely, someday, Vedic/Yogic Metaphysics will converge with Physics!

The Science of Consciousness

Physical scientists assume that consciousness arises from biological matter in higher order creatures, however from Yogic / Vedic perspective, Consciousness is the cause and not the result of the material universe.

And what does the Yogi think of that original Big Bang? The essential substance of that is not just an infinitely packed pinhead of inanimate particles - it is all of Consciousness compressed into what we call ब्रहमन् Brhman.

Brhman is pictured as the original Conscious Being called the पुरुष, detailed beautifully in the पुरुष सूक्तम Purusha Suktam and from this cosmic being all of us, and the entire space of conscious beings, comes from this source of all consciousness Brhman.

The above reset to the physical world view is crucial to understand that although meditation is seemingly mind games, at best for relaxation and transforming personality, these games do play out in the physical material world like a Leela.

When we clear out the baggage in our heads in the psychic plane, the entities which are connected to this old mental baggage are also cleared out, at first mentally and eventually even physically.

And those yogis who control their mental system control their Universe - they write & direct the story of their life - a Rishi awakening to their full potential.

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