श्रीनिवास Shrinivās talent is to enthrall listeners with descriptions of superhuman stories informed by pioneering work in the area of Yogic Indology

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In his avatār as a Silicon Valley investor/advisor he is incubating a Mixed Reality technology company using AI to virtualize the world. 

Originally a consummate hacker trained in Computer Science, life hacking through Yoga comes naturally.


श्रीनिवास Shrinivās was initiated into the practice of Yoga at a very young age. A half century ago, Connaught Place in the center of the capital city of Delhi was actually a vibrant, green park (and now a mall - "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot" ). In that halcyon location, under each random tree, was a seemingly random yogi who taught kriyās. Of course, later on we realize that it was not so random. One of those yogis went on to become the राज योगी Rāja Yogi for the prime minister herself! 

श्रीनिवास Shrinivās also hails from a family lineage of swayam-āchāryas in the Shri Vaishnava tradition well versed in संस्कृतं  Sanskrit & தமிழ் Tamil, the two primary language platforms embodying the full extent of Yogic Science.

The Shri Vaishnava tradition is rooted in Vishishta-Advaita that models all conscious beings to collectively constitute the शरीर Shareera, body, of the universal conscious being of ब्रह्मन् Brhman. Such a model encourages the feeling of हृदय Hrudaya, empathy towards our fellow travellers while knowing there is a larger cause of which we are a part. It promotes the use of a personal lens to view ब्रह्मन् Brhman, as such it leads to incredible diversity of paths and consequently an explosion of lyrical poetry that directly influenced the Bhakti movement of living from the heart.

In our exposition of Yogic Science we too have incorporated such aspects in our psychic model. It is just an incredibly fun way to live!


A swayam-āchārya is not beholden to any particular school of teaching and thus has the freedom to create their own set of practices by learning from the best of masters.

Having said that though, the grand master who stands out in this pantheon is Tirumalai Krishnamāchārya who combines the best practices of Hatha Yoga and Shri-Vaishna tradition.

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