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The Influence of संस्कृत Sanskrit

Quick intro to Panini's influence on Computing

Details on influencing Mendeleev's theory of matter. Similar to how the indestructible अक्षर Akshara set create words in mindspace, so too joining indestructible atoms create the world of matter. Mendeleev even created placeholder names based on संस्कृत Sanskrit for as-yet undiscovered elements, e.g. eka-silicon (Silicon+1) eventually became Germanium.

Why to Learn संस्कृत Sanskrit

Impact on health and meditation articulated. 

Here is one, and another, excellent YouTube video by experts that extol why we should study Sanskrit. 

Details of extraordinary features of the language.

Applications in Computational Linguistics & NLP

The original paper that has murky origins, proposing Sanskrit as a tool for AI.

Sanskrit & Computational Linguistics at JNU.

Challenges on Computational Linguistics specific to Sanskrit

What is Dhatu roop, the root sound?

All the Dhatu root sounds with English translations. Can be used for deep tagging?

Knowledge web embedded in the Amarakosha thesaurus!

Mathematical creativity from Chhandas, poetic meters.

How to learn Sanskrit

Samskrta Bharathi is likely the best organization.

Those who have basic knowledge of Sanskrit and the Gita can rapidly escalate with this YouTube series Bhagavad Gitā using conversational Sanskrit

Why it seemed Difficult

Traditional Indology, stemming from colonization, emphasized Sanskrit as a foreign language to decode ancient texts, not as part of daily conversation.

Start afresh! It's a piece of cake.