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We have been touched personally by these books and think you will enjoy them too. Please take the time to get in touch with yourself by reading about the journeys of others on the spiritual path who have traveled it successfully.


 Robert Lanza is a world renowned Biologist, literally one of top scientists in the world. He points to overwhelming evidence in quantum physics that the material universe we perceive is based on Consciousness. He acknowledges the Eastern traditions, particularly the Hindu roots of this viewpoint. The book is a very easy read, yet very deep in one of the fundamental aspects of Cognitive Science, namely, how we actually cognize.


 Wayne Dyer was an amazing medical doctor ranked right up there in the world of spirituality as someone who was healing by psychic intervention, saw the light of the Tao, moved to Hawai'i, and practiced what he preached until his last days.

 Anita Moorjani literally came back from the dead on the operating table where, in her other worldly state, she saw the entire truth revealed to her about life and her true purpose on this Earth. 

 The Secret is a now classic manual on how to realize a world of perfect health, money, relationships, happiness by setting the right intent and cultivating the right mindset.

 What would an experience be like if you could actually talk to God, directly, without any prayer, any interventions, just like as though it was a conversation with someone who was a dear friend? It's very possible, and this book reads so easily...just like a casual hangout! 

 Probably the very first book to hit the mainstream spirituality best seller lists, Eckhart Tolle is a very powerful speaker and able to hold audiences enthralled with his perfect articulation of the states of the human mind.

  Because we are multi-dimensional beings, we have the ability to create in several, if not many, different realities. We aren't just limited to the physical world anymore. Expand your mind and realize that!

 Children who are not considered "normal" are actually gifted beings sent here on Earth to help shift humanity. A beautiful heartfelt book with truths about these beings sent us from the stars.