Over the last few decades Malini has run a Yoga school, guiding many in the tradition of yoga and meditation. In the last 10 years her psychic abilities has blossomed working with Crystals and many Spiritual Masters.

Our Energy Healer, Malini, has listened to the calling- to clear her inner space, taking a deep plunge into discovering the truth of her existence, and with her heightened awareness and third eye opening she can pierce the veil, and set you free from bondage of life times. She is able to see your blockages multidimensionally beyond time and space and release Karma, genetic codes. Dis-ease/illness in the body is revealed to her as she is able to dive in energetically and free them. She helps release thoughts, feelings and emotions(TFE's) that causes disharmony in your system. She also helps in moving you up your spiritual path and revealing to you the purpose of your existence. She also has been gifted in helping your loved ones who are ready to leave the earth move to the light or connect you with loved ones who have crossed over. 

The goal of any Human Being is to find complete freedom of expression in Body, Mind & Spirit so you can live a life of Joy and Abundance, Malini has assisted many in this and you can see the testimonials in the Healing section. 


Malini first started her practice of yoga with guidance from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India and also received the initiation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Institute of Transcendental Meditation in her teen years. Since then she has worked with several Masters and is a certified yoga teacher in the U.S. She was also gifted with supernatural powers of psychic communication at a very young age.

Current Projects

Besides Yoga, Meditation and Healing, Malini is now working with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a trance medium in channelling the Nama Rupa, a personal mantra for you for clearing blockages and raising vibration and open the doorway to a Life filled with Happiness and Peace. 

She is also undergoing advanced training to become certified as a Medical Intuitive.