कोश Kosha (Psychic Architecture)

कोश Kosha (Psychic Architecture)

You can think of this as Structure of the Mind/Sub-Conscious, etc. but those words are fraught with meaning from much more limited ideologies.

We use the word 'psychic' though, more as indicating the potential of something beyond normal cognition, and not as a way to refer to the formal definition of 'psyche' from other frameworks.

(This section is very raw - needs detailed explanation and diagrams)

This architecture is derived from:
  • तैत्तिरीय उपनिषद Taittiriya Upanishad for the Koshas
  • सांख्य Sānkhya for its inner components
  • तंत्र Tantra  for its energy model

Our objective in Yogic Indology is to map out popular memes such as the stories of the Rāmāyana, or anthem song, etc. into this psychic architecture.

The Five कोशs Koshas

All conscious beings are composed of the following कोशs Koshas, sheaths that are of successively finer levels of subtlety. They are sheaths because they obscure our core essence. 

The actual practice of Yoga involves doing क्रिया Kriya processes to unravel the limitations of each kosha.

This section on कोश Kosha is just the structural model.

अन्नमयकोश Anna-maya kosha

  • made of material stuff
  • The entire particulate universe
  • human organs, cells, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic, etc.

प्राणमयकोश Prāna-maya kosha

  • made of Prana the "vital" life-giving energy
  • Prana is life giving energy (experienced easily through breath)
  • 72,000 Nadis that carry this energy
  • of which 3 are most important
  • the bio-emf fields that surround the nervous system
  • Chakras, energy vortices
    • psychic synapses where nadis meet and cross
    • 7 along the spine are most important in the world of Tantra
    • 12 (10 around the head + 2 framing the spine) are most important in the Vedic world of chanting, obviously.
  • Lokas, locations
    • each of our Chakras empowers a type of Loka
    • The Tantric world touches the Pancha Bhootha
    • The Vedic world व्याह्रति Vyahruti focus on Akash (space/sound)
    • All our idealized देव Deva creations reside here
    • these conscious energy beings keep working for us, like a sub-conscious process, but they are actually super-conscious :-)

मनोमयकोश Mano-maya kosha

    • made of mental stuff (subtlest state of matter in this model)
    • mind and its components
      • Chitta, inner mind whose fluctuations creates the other 3
      • Ahamkar, outer mind
      • Buddhi, higher mind
      • Manas, lower mind
    • where we experience that we are in a story 
      • a story scripted by the outside world, out of our control
    • we leverage the process of deification
      • abstract all the characters as conceptual archetypes from the fragments of our Self
    • we empathetically communicate with them 
      • to understand what is their story
      • and how they could play a part in our story.
    • then these fragments become shining facets of our Self

    विज्ञानमयकोश Vigyāna-maya kosha

    • made of knowledge, an information-theoretic layer, no matter
    • The psychic layer, transcending space-time limitations
    • Creates and processes this whole conceptual model
    • we hit ऋषि Rishi state when these devas play out in our idealized life story
    • other conscious beings start to weave into the tapestry of our life
    • this is indeed how Tantra works - all of Nature's beings come into this play because they can find the fullest expression of their own ideals

    आनन्दमयकोश Ānanda-maya kosha

      • made from unified bliss
      • the ऋषि Rishi becomes one with their own story
      • the creator/creation are one, subject/object merge
      • the ultimate rational science experiment is complete
      • tapping into the source of infinite energy Ananda
      • we drop all our stories - and surrender to the cosmic Leela
      Beyond all psychic rationalization, where mere words fail:
      • we can choose to live in whatever model:
        • as just the unity consciousness (the One/Infinite/Nothing)
        • as a part of the unity consciousness