Intuitive Healing

Be Free & Be Light 

Energy Healing can give you a Life of Happiness and Peace by helping remove the Karmic blocks from your life and even ancestral lineage, genetic codes, restoring physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Freeing yourself in Body and Mind can bring Clarity

We are never Alone

This embodied soul, the Jeev-atma, has a divine connection to the supreme soul, the Param-atma, and in stillness we perceive this connection and tap into the infinite reservoir of divine energy.

We achieve this stillness during Yoga, or what Maharishi Patanjali calls as “Chitta vritti nirodha”, and this is how Yogis are known to transcend human limitations brought on by the uncontrolled fluctuations of life.

This stillness is easier said than done, and could require lifetime(s) of practice - but there is a path available to make big leaps in the practice with the help of an Energy Intuitive Healer, where, in addition to us doing the Yoga practice, Yoga is actually done to us and speeds up the process to achieve stillness and realize the divine connection.

Similar to Healers working at the physical level, kind of like a Thai Massage where the body worker intuitively seeks out blockages and clears them out, an Energy Healer intuitively knows where you are psychically, emotionally, spiritually and ethereally blocked up and helps to clear your inner space; we have all been taught to look at our existence linearly, in actuality we are multidimensional and interconnected.

Our Intuitive Healer

Our Intuitive Energy Healer, Malini, has listened to the calling- to clear her inner space, taking a deep plunge into discovering the truth of her existence, and with her heightened awareness and third eye opening she can pierce the veil, and set you free from bondage of life times. She is able to see your blockages multidimensionally beyond time and space. Dis-ease/illness in the body is revealed to her as she is able to dive in energetically and free them. She also helps release thoughts, feelings and emotions(TFE's) that causes disharmony in your system. She also helps in moving you up your spiritual path and revealing to you the purpose of your existence. In addition, she can also guide your dear ones who are ready to cross over to the light or connect you to your dear ones who have already crossed over. 

Healing is a profound process for both you and the healer as you uncover the truth of existence.

The Experience of Healing

Our mind has weaved layers and layers of stories through thoughts, feelings and emotions, and as this is cleared with awareness we come closer and closer to the subtle energy body, the Sookshma-Sharira, and when we further clear our psychic baggage we come to the core of who we are, the Karana-Sharira, our heart-center which is our connection to the Source or Brahman, the supreme soul or the Param-Atma, of whom we are a part.  

Earth School is the place to clear your inner space of its bondages through relationships with family, friends, finance, health that have given you struggles, pain and suffering, and when you learn to look at Life in its true multi-dimensional, inter-connected nature, instead of the linear, isolated perspective forced upon Humanity, you will truly understand there is no past or future, and that all is in the Now.

In an Energy Healing Session you will experience for yourself and see the transformation and the light within you, and as your awareness increases you will understand this is a beautiful journey of continuously shedding the layers of ignorance, or Avidya, and your commitment to seeing the Self shine in its true nature will ensure that you become a Rishi, a storyteller in command of the plot, the characters, in your Life rather than be a pawn in other stories.


"I have suffered with leg pain for the past 2 - 3 years. I have tried physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, all gave me only temporary relief. After Malini's healing and tuning into my body and finding the cause was varicose veins my leg pain has disappeared. I am a teacher and need to stand for long periods and now I can do my work pain free and able to sleep well at night".
Thank you Malini for healing me, Komala, Feb 2018
"There is a release and a relief after a session with Malini! A deeper and profound understanding of soul's purpose rather than the limited conditioning and functioning. In gratitude ! Anu". Jan 2018

"It’s a difficult thing to thank a woman who has shown you the way to your true self – your soul, your spirit, your light. I have been on this journey for over 15 years now and have met many healers but Malini’s gifts are unsurpassed. Her intuition is absolutely on-point and she creates an environment that is safe and secure. Most importantly, she has been able to clear the last major blocks for me. In just a few sessions, I feel lighter and freer. I have referred her to many of my own family and friends. I will forever be grateful to her for being a trusted guide and opening her home to help us all. She is a blessing" Alka, Dec 2017 

"One of my close friends shared that she had tried healing sessions and they were helpful and strongly urged me to try. I was skeptical at first, but was also facing situations that were beyond my control. Session with Malini starts with her praying and calling some bhagwans and people special to you in that session and requesting their attendance in solving issues and giving guidance. For me it offered clarity and a kind of radical acceptance of MY circumstances. It also opened a dialogue of our past lives and realizing that time is so fluid. In some cases, I was able to visualize along with her some of the issues and suggestions. In one of the sessions my mom was able to ask about other relatives that lived far and it again provided us with some insights.It was very helpful that when Malini translated some of my dreams for me. So if you are looking for insight and peace of mind , I will recommend healing sessions." Richa Sept 2017

In April 2016 during one of our healing sessions Malini was clearing my office space and said there were people buried under my desk. She then cleared the energy around my work area. My office location at that time was the corner of highway 9 and North Santa Cruz. Fast forward to June 2017. A close friend of mine, who has been working with Los Gatos Lions club for last 30 years, and I were driving down Highway 9 and we stopped at the intersection of Highway 9 and North Santa Cruz. I asked him do you what is going on with this construction of the Double D’s restaurant? Its being going on for more than a year. He said yes they ran into issues which delayed them. What kind of issues I asked him only half interested. He said they found bones while digging a new foundation. Apparently people had been buried underneath. Oh my god!! This rang a bell - Malini had mentioned this to me more than a year back!!! - From Astha- 9/1/17

One on one healing had a cathartic effect upon me. I felt incredibly lighter after the session - layers & layers of self imposed inner turmoil was cleared away. I was able to understand I don't have to carry the responsibility of events that have happened. It restored my faith and helped me to let go of anxiety. I highly recommend for everyone to find our path, our purpose and get a deeper sense of what has shaped our current life. From Astha- 1/26/16


Husband intense back pain: Thank you so so much Malini for your awesome healing for my husband’s intense back pain.  Throughout the days he was in pain, and not able to sleep at night because of the pain he has. He wasn’t able to play badminton for the whole week, and that upset him very much. It’s so grateful that you did the healing for him remotely.  After just a few days, I noticed he wasn’t complained much anymore.  Then on Friday morning, off a sudden he told me he was ready to go play badminton.  That’s a really incredible experience he has.  The most important part is he is very happy that he can continue to play his badminton.  He can’t thank you enough for helping him with that.

Son’s snoring: Thank you Malini for helping my son with his intense snoring problem. He started to have that since junior in high school.  He is now a sophomore in college. He was home for spring break. After Malini did the healing for him, we were trying to monitor him throughout the night to see if he snore, but we didn’t hear anything.  So, after a concert he attended, he was very tired, and he fell asleep in the car while I was driving, and I didn’t hear any snoring.  Thank you so much for helping him to clear that problem. From Erica - in 2016


I have always wanted to do yoga but life in the bay area always keeps you on your toes. I used that as an excuse for several years till an ailment forced me to take up yoga for my healing. In the past six months, I have transformed myself from a hyperactive, always on the run woman to someone who is taking life a bit slowly.  I had the blessing of holding a healing session with Malini. The whole experience was indescribable. I realize that I have a long way to go in my spiritual journey and to position my life in a new direction. The biggest gain for me from the healing session was that I now ‘am more accepting of the challenge in my life and I am able to manage my fears and anxiety in a better manner. One on one healing had a cathartic effect upon me. I felt incredibly lighter after the session - layers & layers of self imposed inner turmoil was cleared away. I was able to understand I don't have to carry the responsibility of events that have happened. It restored my faith and helped me to let go of anxiety. I highly recommend for everyone to find our path, our purpose and get a deeper sense of what has shaped our current life. From Binu in 2016

Initially thought having a one on one healing session with Malini is to elevate my spiritual being and get myself a bit more lifted, it was much more than that. It in fact had helped to relief my chronic neck, shoulder and lower back discomfort. I would say 80% of the discomfort was relived. I think the rest of 20% is up to me taking care of my own body by eating well and practice yoga. Of course in the past, I've tried many different kinds of natural treatments such as chiropractor, acupuncture, and even cupping with not much of improvement. Most of the treatments only provide very short term fix and symptom would reoccured. Now going through the healing session with Malini, I know positively with daily yoga practice and neck and shoulder rolls in warm shower, my body is moving toward to a much healthier and free of discomfort one. I am so grateful to have Malini for being such wonderful healer and mediator connecting me to my guidance and higher self. Terry - 3/29/16