Dharma (≠ religion)

धर्म (≠ religion)

Religion, from Latin, means something that you tie back to, like with a "ligament", and is more akin to the literal meaning of Yoga ("to yoke"), but in usage it is hardly the same as it dramatically reduces individual freedom, instead of the opposite in Yogic model which is to liberate us from the fetters of small mindedness.

धर्म literally in Sanskrit means a conscious way of living that sustains and is also sustainable. By its very interpretation it means that which endures for a very long time. Hence also referred to in long form as सनातन धर्म Sanatana Dharma - the Eternal way of conscious living.

  • Sustainability is a key word nowadays, backed up scientific reasoning, and inclusive of all life forms. Most people are confused about sustainability because you have to consider all stakeholders, just like when it comes to धर्म Dharma we have to consider all angles and is best communicated through the mind blowing pantheon of Hindu stories.
  • Incidentally, धर्म पत्नी Dharma Patni is not "wife". The male in the marital relationship is responsible for conducting Yagnyas, fire offerings that are typically portrayed as physical fire ceremonies like in the Vedas, and the "wife" keeps handing out sticks of wood in simplistic cartoon representations. In the Yoga context though, a Dharma Patni as a fully evolved Yogini herself, is responsible for helping her mate kindle his inner spiritual fires, the kundalini shakthi.

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