Ātman (~= soul)

आत्मन् (~= soul)

The आत्मन् is a part of our Self that never dies with the physical body. The true nature of this आत्मन् is divine, but it is usually obscured by layers of incorrect perceptions. Through Yoga practice one is able to realize the presence of the आत्मन् within. All living beings have an आत्मन्, including the earth, animals, plants, and microorganisms.

  • Until recently in Abrahamic religions the concept of soul was limited to only white males. However women and blacks have fought for their rights to establish that they too have a soul. After decades of Yoga inculturation in the West there is also acknowledgement that animals may have a soul. As Yoga inculturation proceeds forth within Western culture the meaning of soul is becoming approximately equivalent to आत्मन्, except for the problematic part that salvation for the soul is only possible through their exclusive savior! So watch out for that and keep reinforcing that each one of us is Divine and can reach that same or higher level of enlightenment, then soul can be approximated to आत्मन्.
  • In quantum physics all particles are continuously are winking in and out of existence based on whether we are paying attention to them. Maybe there is some common unchanging substrate (आत्मन्?) which enables physical objects to come back to their prior state of existence

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