Manifesting our divine destiny in near realtime on this Earthly plane is a state of being  in देवलोक Deva-loka, a state where we are ourselves Devas, divine Beings that invoke great powers!

When we stretch this "heaven on earth" concept back many, many millennia then this is what we would call in Sanskrit as अखण्ड भारत Akhand Bharath. An integrated society of diverse tribes that honored each others' way of life provided it was in accordance with the Sustainable Science of धर्म Dharma. Peace and Prosperity reigned in equal measure!

In other tongues you could think of it as Utopia, Paradise, Atlantis, Pangea - all delightful mental concepts of perfect living communities in a peaceful, sometimes advanced, planet. Yet, in these other tongues such mental concepts remain as wishful thinking, whereas with the power of Yoga there is a very precise, scientific method to manifest and accelerate this vision on this Earthly plane. Provided you do the Practice!