About Yoga Shaala

About Yoga Shaala

The tagline for Yoga Shaala is "An Āshram in every Home".

Just like the Guru we seek is within us, our home itself can be an Āshram, an abode for living in Consciousness.

Yoga Shaala is run as a Dharmic enterprise, meaning we put people & planet before profits. As true Yogis our personal needs are very modest, nonetheless any enterprise needs to be sustainable for the long run.

धर्म Dharma (sustainability), अर्थ Artha (wealth), काम Kāma (pleasures), and मोक्ष Moksha (liberation) all need to be represented in any human endeavor!

At present we are an LLC although at some stage we may make consider a Benefit Corporation or a Social Enterprise. These new structures are less onerous than a pure non-profit organization, but still require overhead to administer.

the Sangha

We are creating a Sangha (community) of those seeking a more traditional & authentic approach informed by the deepest practices of Yogic Science.
Let us be your Sherpas in this fascinating journey of healing & enlightenment, and although we won't carry your baggage, we do our best to help you unload it on the way.