योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra

योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra

योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra is our fount of creativity.

योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra literally means Yogic sleep. That is, the practitioner is aware of what is happening in their sleep, even in its deepest state.

योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra in its fullest form can deeply reprogram the whole mental system because we are fully relaxed and can listen to guidance on what to visualize and feel. It is not hypnosis because the practitioner is aware of what is happening.

योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra awareness in our dream state is when we are presented with the most creative images and stories from the internal recesses of our mind. The images and stories that come up are encoded in symbols though, and after some daily analysis, and consulting with other regular practitioners, we can figure out what these dreams are saying. It is a really amazing expression of full creativity as the stories get played out in our dream state. The best time to catch these dreams is as we wake up and instead of thinking about the day ahead we spend time tracing our dream backwards into the fuzziness of our head. Lucid Dreaming practices are actually this subset of योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra applied to dream state.

A good way to get into योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra is run your consciousness throughout your body and set an intention prior to sleep. 

Another good way to be aware during sleep state is to constantly remind ourselves during waking state that this could itself be just a dream!

There are many tales of great storyteller ऋषि Rishis inspired by their योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra to create amazing works of art.

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