राक्षस Rākshasa (Psychic Virus)

राक्षस Rākshasa (Psychic Virus)

A राक्षस Rākshasa is a psychic virus, and as a virus it needs a host to manifest itself.

A typical host is a being that has a propensity to host negative energies, which we all do to a lesser or greater degree.

When a राक्षस Rākshasa expands and largely takes over a host, and the host behaves as though possessed, there is no difference between the राक्षस Rākshasa and the host.

The host becomes the राक्षस Rākshasa.

So, how do you identify a राक्षस Rākshasa in this earthly plane ?

We all know individuals who drain us of energy, however a राक्षस Rākshasa is not the one who does it overtly or obviously, instead they do it willfully, subtly and maybe even surreptitiously.

A राक्षस Rākshasa can shift shapes dramatically, putting on one face in one situation and a totally different one in another. Of course all of us shift personalities depending on the situation, however the difference is the intent behind this shape shifting.

The most deadly राक्षस Rākshasa is one who also has high intelligence, understands how to feed addictive behaviors so you keep going back to them, and are also knowledgeable in energy practices. Such a challenging राक्षस Rākshasa is called a ब्रह्म राक्षस Brhma Rākshasa.

A ब्रह्म राक्षस Brhma Rākshasa also has an indomitable will, of course for getting things done in the material world, but even more so to dominate the will of their victims, and wilfully ignoring any signs whatsoever of the divine nature of human beings or for that matter even their own selves! 

Whereas an ordinary राक्षस Rākshasa only affects maybe one or two chakras in us, the ब्रह्म राक्षस Brhma Rākshasa affects all seven of our chakras.

A ब्रह्म राक्षस Brhma Rākshasa is an expert in cleverly hiding their true nature and can never be pinned down as they are adept at covering their tracks whilst manipulating their intended targets.

They will also have a small network of minions whose job is to keep you in good humor while your Praana is being slowly sucked out. It’s like you are being cooked in a big pot of broth and there are some pineapples, potatoes, some mint, coriander leave, some salt all of which you can nibble on to keep you distracted, while really you are being readied for the feast of your life, where of course you  are the main course :-)

If you are beset by such a beast, by such a ब्रह्म राक्षस Brhma Rākshasa, then console yourself that you truly have a unique purpose in life. For once you rid yourself of a ब्रह्म राक्षस Brhma Rākshasa you would have learnt such a tremendously powerful lesson the world indeed becomes your oyster, and you manifest pearls from your wisdom with grace and ease.

So, how to NOT deal with a राक्षस Rākshasa in this earthly plane ?

Like any virus their natural tendency is to increase their powers no matter the consequences to the host, and thus a राक्षस Rākshasa is inimical, dangerous, to the natural order of life.

Initially, since we are new to the practice, it is really important to first learn how NOT to get them all worked up - it just makes matters worse!

A राक्षस Rākshasa gets an increase in its powers as a direct consequence of boosting its Ahamkaar (the I, me, me, me, Mine, tendency) by people around them. We don't use terminology like Ego, and subconscious/unconscious mind, because that comes from Freud’s very limiting model, and gets perverted into a warped perspective on the human mind.

We prefer to use terms from Yoga darshana, like Ahamkaar.

When we are responsible for boosting the Ahamkaar of people around us, particularly for selfish reasons or even unwittingly, then we are directly liable for the कर्म Karma of empowering this राक्षस Rākshasa. And what we sow we reap, and thus our own Frankensteinian manifestations can turn around and create havoc in our own lives.

We really want to avoid these negative energy feedback loops.

Since we are likely the cause of our own राक्षस Rākshasa, it is best to not be judgmental about them, but learn why they happened. Definitely don’t curse them for their existence, because paying too much attention too can increase their hooks within us. Remember, Yoga is about paying attention to the right things!

So, how do you get rid of them?

A राक्षस Rākshasa is just part of creation, and it affects us because we have created a space for them, a psychic terrain that hosts such tendencies.

The best way to get rid of them is to identify them through the क्रिया Kriya of Yogic Science. Just observe their effects within, and patiently remove all their hooks from within our own microcosm. Once their hooks are removed they no longer have a connection to our praana and they will surely fade away, freeing us to achieve our life goals with full energy.

Easier said than done you might say, but that’s why we have the Itihas stories of to inspire us to stay on the path!


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