मोक्ष Moksha

मोक्ष Moksha

मोक्ष Moksha literally means liberation from all that is tying us down to a fettered existence.

मोक्ष Moksha usually means Enlightenment because we lighten up by getting rid of baggage.

Pain also holds us down, thus Healing and Enlightenment are two aspects of the same coin.

Because the आत्मन Ātman on the quest for Enlightenment feels the pangs of separation from ब्रह्मन् Brhman.

And so too does ब्रह्मन् Brhman itself feel the pangs of separation from the आत्मन Ātman

This is indeed हृदय Hrudaya - the empathy that two conscious beings feel for each other!

As one gets liberated so does the other. So we must be the Same, yet we are together.

That is the beauty of Vishishta Advaita model.


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