Meera Nanda's Freudian slip reveals her Hinduphobia

Please read this article - our first published post in a mainstream site. 

This is what got us so stoked up to get going on the Yogic Indology effort!

It is common in Vedic lore to first state the negative forces that we have to battle, and then the means to battling them. For instance in the Aditya Hrudayam when ShriRam is battle weary he is visited by Rishi Agasthya who inspires him to take arms with renewed vigor. Note the very first shloka itself invokes Ravana, the Brahma-Rakshasa that needs to fought!

 ततो युद्धपरिश्रान्तं समरे चिन्तया स्थितम्। 
रावणं चाग्रतो दृष्ट्वा युद्धाय समुपस्थितम्॥


These Brahma-Rakshasas, like Meera Nanda too, are brilliant in intellect but their Buddhi has been taken over by Rakshasic tendencies, and feeds the Asuras to take over the civilizational narrative completely. Please remember these are mental constructs and in physical form we never advocate violence. Far from it!

However, by ridding our mental makeup, our Chittha, of these negative tendencies we can transform ourselves and the world around us. All Rakshasas teach us lessons, Brahma-Rakshasas even more so. And Asuras, the civilizational level memetic viruses are when Brahma-Rakshasas have managed to scale and jump out of Pandora's box.

We owe Meera Nanda and her ilk big time for impelling us to seek where the Brahma-Rakshasas lurk, not just out there, but inside our heads. That is Yoga. And utilizing the power of Yagnya we will succeed in flushing them from the collective psyche and indeed achieve Akhanda Bharath!


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