कर्म Karma

कर्म Karma 

कर्म Karma is any action that is performed with a limited, or fragmented, sense of one’s true Self, until we perform Yoga to discover that we are in fact an integrated multi-faceted conscious being..

When one performs actions from the space of our integrated Self then one does not incur कर्म Karma.

When we incur कर्म Karma then there is an effect which arises as a consequence, and we have to experience that effect, sooner or later. Even if it does not occur in this dimension it will surely occur in another dimension. 

(dimensionality needs to be explained)

Sometimes stuff happens that we think is not because of what we have done, but in reality we have always provided some root cause - from another dimension of our fragmented existence.

In other words, कर्म Karma is not blind fate.

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