इतिहास Itihaas

इतिहास  Itihās

इतिहास Itihās has been mistranslated as mere history, events that happened uniquely in the past. 

The word history stems from His-story, since we usually get stories of conquering Kings written by men in their employ.

Such histories are called प्रशस्ति Prashasti, paeans to royalty, in Sanskrit.

First of course this begs the question of Her-story - where is the woman's perspective in all this, that is not rooted in subversive Feminist ideology? And where is the perspective of the subjugated masses, that is not rooted in divisive Subaltern or Race studies?

Thus, History usually becomes a devious narrative tool for propaganda and mass control. 

इतिहास Itihās means "Thus it happened" as witnessed and experienced in first person, not simply narrating what happened around or to someone else.

In the Yogic Science model there is no such thing as something being only in the Past. Events can be relived again, or a Future conception can be manifested, right now in this dimension, in this current timezone.

The Rāmāyana is Itihās because we can relive the epic, and so too the Mahābhāratha, by understanding that we are in the middle of a play ourselves, archetyping and creating conscious beings out of its characters. When we empathetically communicate with these conscious beings we can then comprehend who we are in this story. 

Armed with this deep knowing we can manifest our intent to become an avatār of Rāma and rid ourselves of the Rākshasa psychic viruses. Or manifest our intent to become an avatār of Krishna and rid the land of the Asura memetic viruses.

Of course, we go to endless lectures on the Rāmāyana and come back convinced to transform, however unless we implement the lessons from a Yogic Science perspective, this conviction weakens and Itihās indeed deteriorates into mere History. 

We have detailed the Yogic Science perspective for the Rāmāyana in this series of audio clips

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