We limit any historical narratives to only this section, as we prefer to focus more on the essence of Yogic teachings rather than stir up geopolitical tensions. Stirring up any kind of tension is, of course, anathem to Yoga :-)

Yet, given our whole goal is to transform society, by transforming ourselves, we do sometimes need to understand a bit of history.

So here goes ...

The word Hindu is likely a loan word mapped into Sanskrit borrowed from outsiders, likely the Persians, who referred to those who belonged to a vast sub-continental landmass that is concentrated today in a much-shrunken India.

Hindus exhibit an incredibly variegated social culture and are yet deeply integrated because of their underlying belief that the search for the Self drives all of existence.

Being a Hindu does not require a belief in God, nor does it preclude living in the presence of divinity. As such, Hindu"ism" is certainly not a religion.

Hindu spiritual practices are so diverse that the culture is the epitome of so-called secularism, but by comparing Hinduism with secularism would be a travesty given the origins of secularism. 

The culture adjusted to this bewildering proliferation of "gods" by inculcating mutual respect for all such divine beliefs - a far superior concept to mere religious tolerance which is the best that can be offered by Abrahamic religions.

The need for secularism arose when the Church became so powerful over the State, that the State could only survive by divorcing from it. The power of God in the hands of mortals could not be stopped. So this subversive power was diverted outward as a tool for global expansion of the State. God's evangelical representatives thus became the velvet glove of soft power to the hard steel of State machinery. Internal to Western nations, the Church is thus very much in bed with the foreign policy apparatus of the State. Furthermore, under the umbrella of Liberalism, again a Western construct, Hindu social intellectuals are programmed to accept all Western social models in the naive belief that they are modern, and hence most up to date. And thus evangelicals and jihadis spread through their Marxist puppets to subvert the permissive-to-a-fault Hindu culture. 

Hindus too recognize that it is not a good idea to concentrate too much power in the hands of the Yogi god-makers. Thus, the Hindu tradition by design separates such spiritual power from those responsible for running society, such as state administration, managing commerce, and the trades including farming and engineering.

Each of these four sectors were allocated to:

  • Shudras (workers responsible for the land and everything produced on it)
  • Vaishyas (business people responsible for flow of commerce)
  • Kshatriyas (warriors responsible for governance and owned nothing else)
  • Brahmins (yogis responsible for knowledge and minimum material wealth)

Although those born into such families (Kula) and tribes (Jati) had natural advantage to continue in that vein, the traditional egalitarian educational model laid emphasis on ability (Varna) not birth, so individuals could move across these sectors overcoming Kula/Jati advantages. Hindu temples that proliferate across this land were open centers of education, commerce, and all of society's needs, yet centered around spirituality to uphold the sustainable model of Dharma.

This social model was upended thanks to British colonial interventions in Indic education that reduced Hindus to intellectual coolies and serfs.  All this is well documented in Dharampal's "Beautiful Tree".

Furthermore, the racist lens of British Colonization model fossilized the Hindu society into rigid castes with no mobility thus strangulating the social architecture, which furthermore suffered from the decimation of the native school systems.  Race, combined with Caste (a Portuguese import), resulted in destructive divisive policies that have been the direct cause of genocide. This phenomenon occured anywhere the racist colonial monster has reared its ugly head, world over. 

However, Hindus prefer not to stress physiological racial divisions but instead ascribe these evangelical/jihadi/marxist invasions to collective memetic viruses called Asuras. And the reason for their own inability to withstand such attacks are ascribed to personal psychic viruses called Rākshasas. Both of which can be solved through the practice of Yoga.

Fixing the current mental conditions, individually and collectively, is what drives our pioneering work in Yogic Indology.

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