गणतंत्र Ganatantra

This blog post is part of our Yogic Indology knowledge base, which creates the focus on राष्ट्र Rāshtra.

गणतंत्र Ganatantra is much more than Republic as is popularly known today, although historically it is likely the very first republic in the world is from भारत Bhārat itself!

It strikes me on this glorious गणतंत्र दिवस Ganatantra DIvas, Republic Day for भारत Bhārat, on Jan 26, that the words we use to describe and run this incredibly variegated Hindu civilization are all rooted in the brilliance of Yogic Science, that is, मंत्र Mantra, यन्त्र Yantra, तंत्र Tantra, स्व Sva, देश Desh  etc.

मंत्र Mantra

Our मंत्रीs Mantris, political ministers, craft magical मंत्रs Mantras to energize the whole मन Mana mental systemस्वच्छ भारत Swachha Bhārat to cleanse the land is one such मंत्र Mantra. These initiatives do act as मंत्रs Mantras as they are pithy, repeated often, get lodged in the mind, and impel us to action. In each election this lot of magicians changes and they have to come up with a new set of मंत्रs Mantras to fix the ever evolving national condition. मंत्रs Mantras can work magic provided the team of magicians actually does the full practice of Yoga. The fact that empirically such मंत्रs Mantras may not be fully effective points to the lack of individual effort to become integrated in the practice of Yoga.

मंत्रs Mantras are mental processes and there is an underlying substrate by which their intent materializes in the physical world.

गण Gana

As such the councils of bureaucrats who execute this intent are गणs Ganas, like Shiva's attendants, that represent the people. These गणs Ganas follow तन्त्र Tantra, certain energy processes to bring this magic into the earthly plane. The head of the गणs Ganas is the गणपति Ganapati, commonly visualized as गणेश Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles for these magical मंत्रs Mantras to flow.  गणेश Ganesha as we well know is one of the most multi-faceted of divine beings, with his most adept trunk that can weave its way through any nook and cranny. The vast warren of any bureaucracy, like the original Yogic sense of तन्त्र Tantra, needs such a gifted being indeed to navigate its intricacies!

And hence we finally arrive at the original word गणतंत्र Ganatantra.

As you can see by now, the Yogic Science hypothesis yields a definition of गणतंत्र Ganatantra that is a vibrant conscious being that is so much more than the mere intellectual construct of the modern Republic.

यन्त्र Yantra

Now we come to the यन्त्रs Yantras, tangible tools, to accelerate any energy process from the psychic plane into the plane of material existence. Although सनातन Sanātana means eternal we certainly wish to have our aspirations to be realized much sooner! Traditionally in Yogic Science the यन्त्र Yantra accelerators are 2D or 3D objects in the form of diagrams, charms, amulets, rings, etc. These act as tangible portals to bridge the psychic and material planes. In modern times यन्त्र Yantra has been myopically translated to include all modern technologies such as cell phones, internet, vehicles, machinery etc. This approach deifies matter alone whereas the correct approach is to recognize that a यन्त्र Yantra is that technology which connects two conscious beings.

It is because I can speak to you remotely a cellphone is a यन्त्र Yantra, or because I can travel to you quickly that a plane is a यन्त्र Yantra. There is a reason why we use नमस्ते Namaste to greet the divine being in front of you! Thus, the correct translation of यन्त्र Yantra, even in our modern world, would be whatever helps us to access other conscious beings that can accelerate our aspirations into material existence.

This implies that यन्त्रs Yantras are the social, information, and transportation networks that can get our voices heard by the गणs Ganas. It is ironic that we do indeed treat our bureaucratic machinery as gods, that in its current corrupted implementation is more of a षड-यन्त्र Shada-yantra, a conspiracy to deny the people their dues!

देश Desha

Within this conscious being of the राष्ट्र Rāshtra, these energizing मंत्रs Mantras are executed by गणs Ganas, through तन्त्र Tantra processes, and accelerated by यन्त्रs Yantras, and are done so in a देश Desha, a particular place, in this physical geography. It is interesting to note the word देश Desha is also used in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras to denote a place where we place our attention during meditation.

Of course, each of us जीवs Jeevas are स्वतन्त्र Swatantra (individuated processes) and when we come together in a collective conscious being there is bound to be some interesting friction. But that's the fun of chaos in any democracy!

So now we have the model down, it is time to crank up the psychic machinery to fulfill its स्वधर्म Swadharma, its true nature.

यज्ञ Yagnya

यज्ञ Yagnya is the process of how to spin the चक्रs Chakras in conscious beings so as to cleanse it thoroughly and surface its hidden treasures. For that to happen all of its components need to sing from the same page, just like the Devas and the Asuras, despite being on opposite sides, were united in their efforts during the time of Samudra Mantham to churn the milky ocean and extract Amrit, the nectar of immortality. Or like the Vedas are chanted by teams of trained Pundits to invoke Brhman itself, and the resulting song is itself considered to be नाद ब्रह्मन् Naada-Brhman, the sonic embodiment of Brhman.

And hence, in the context of the evolution of this राष्ट्र Rāshtra we all sing the National Anthem to inspire this conscious being to its purpose of becoming the विश्व गुरु Vishwa Guru for this world. And in this divine यज्ञ Yagnya the anthem is itself considered a sacred text like the नाद ब्रह्मन् Naada-Brhman, and so too the flag and related symbols are but aspects of this glorious Being. This is a supremely profound concept so dwell on this for a moment.

Any Vedic यज्ञ Yagnya starts with Rig Veda chants to extol and stir the being, then Yajur Veda chants dig deep into the core process, and finally the Sāma Veda chants are to ask and bask in all that we could ever desire. The Atharva-Veda chanters are for error correction because they know every little detail of how to spot and fix all psychic aberrations (these are the "dark" arts), so that we get the perfect results of the work. 

Similarly, the national anthem is so structured! 

Here is a good link to Jana-Gana-Mana anthem, lyrics with meanings. And here is the Wiki backgrounder on its creation process, including linguistic details of how it uses Sanskritized nouns.

Keep the lyrics open if you don't remember them by heart, while reading the following.

The Rig Veda portion

The ज Ja root sound implies that which is born or living, and hence जल Jala the fluid element which gives rise to life. So many of nature's creations including the ज Ja sound (पद्मज Padmaja, कमलज Kamalaja, अब्ज Abja, क्षितिज Kshitij, etc). And thus in this national anthem we laud the core living beings - first the जन Jana who are the cells from which the राष्ट्र Rāshtra is itself composed, to the गण Gana to whom we cede our powers of execution, and then to the मन Mana whose representatives are responsible for weaving the magic of मंत्र Mantra in this whole conscious being. And all under the supervision of the धि Dhi principle of higher thinking exemplified by the बुद्धि Buddhi, the अधिनायक Adhinaayak.

Having recognized that this whole राष्ट्र Rāshtra is  a cosmic being, our जय Jaya extols it, for the भ Bha in भारत Bhārath means light (like it is used in भास्कर Bhāskar for the shining sun), and we affirm that our भाग्य Bhāgya, fortune, is dispensed by this being, विधाता Vidhāta, we have now brought to life!

The Yajur Veda portion

And then we run our consciousness, our attention, through every देश Desha that exemplifies a certain characteristic of this Being. And because it is a geographically bound being we highlight the देशs Deshas by circling the boundaries of the land. Note how Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha, Dravida, Utkala, Banga all circle this geographical being.

The 7 states are obviously indicating the चक्रs Chakras. The 2 mountain ranges of Vindhya and Himalaya are परमात्मा/जीवात्मा  Paramātma/Jeevātma. And the 2 rivers of Yamuna and Ganga are of course the flowing इड़ नाडी Ida Nādi and पिंगळ नाडी Pingala Nādi through which we flow our प्राण शक्ति on either side of our spine during Yoga practice.

As our कुण्डलिनी Kundalini rises up (उच्छल Ucchhala) like तरंगा Tharangā waves from the deep ocean of जलधि Jaladhi (the supreme ब्रह्मन Brhman), it rises through our central channel the सुषुम्न नाडी Sushumna Nādi and it takes us into the infinite bliss. The राष्ट्र Rāshtra being is now fully self-aware of its purpose on Earth.

The Sāma Veda portion

This is the ecstatic portion of any यज्ञ  Yagnya, where we ask for the results from the work of the core practice, that our heartfelt intent be manifested. We now directly address this conscious Being that your (तव Tava) auspicious (शुभ Shubha) name (नामे Nāme) now awaken (जागे Jāge) to its full potential. Names derived from Sanskrit are essentially an everyday meditation tool to help us blossom into our full personality. Then for its blessings too (आशिष Āshisha) we ask (मांगे Mānge) that we too are part of its awakening. And we affirm that what we sing (गाहे Gāhe) is verily your (तव Tava) victory (जय Jaya) song (गाथा Gātha, song).

The Atharva Veda portion

We now ensure that the people (जन Jana) and our representatives (गण Gana) receive only auspicious (मंगळ Mangala) gifts from this giver (दायक Dāyaka) whom we praise (जय हे Jaya he). Just to make sure there are no unintended consequences! And we finally run through and affirm victory for all the 7 chakras once again, that they are spinning correctly and aligned well. You can count them all in जय हे जय हे  जय हे (Jaya he, Jaya he, Jaya he),  जय जय जय जय हे  (Jaya Jaya Jaya he)!

This is an Eternal Process

The process happens throughout the life of राष्ट्र Rāshtra, as it is eternal. And that's why it is सनातन धर्म Sanātana DharmaAnd when the Jana-Gana-Mana is being sung and you don't feel compelled to display your patriotism by standing up and saluting.

You can even just put your hand on your heart to feel its mind blowing aspirations.

Be as a silent ऋषि Rishi, sitting with an erect spine, playing your part in the cosmic यज्ञ Yagnya, and enjoy the rush of Prāna in your 72,000 Nādis.

You evolve with the group energy, and so does the collective राष्ट्र Rāshtra.

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भुवन्तु 
🙏🏽 Lokāh Samastāh Sukhino Bhavantu 🙏🏽

May all beings be in a good space


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