देव Deva

देव Deva

देवs Devas are our ideals come to life as conscious beings.

देवs Devas are conscious beings created by Yogic Science to help us accelerate the manifestation of our idealized world into physical reality from a transcendental level.

"All in divine timing" is a phrase typically used while throwing up our hands in the air, a deep shrug of the shoulders, to indicate we have no clue when something might happen. Even though it is for all intents for a beneficial purpose.

Yogic Science lets us control the timing of our deepest intents through these देवs Devas, that act as time accelerators.

This seems magical and hence we ascribe "divine" powers to these yogic tools.

In order to work with these देवs Devas most humans need a tangible, visible object onto which we project our ideals, not just a mental concept.

This explains the myriad of "gods" in Hindu culture, deifying cows, rivers, seas, mountains, trees, gurus, ancestors, guests, newborns, books, temples - the list goes on forever!

देव Deva from Sanskrit has led to the English word "divine", which of course means something to do with God and the baggage of religion. So different from the Yogic Science expression of देव Deva which is about the conscious expressing of human ideals.

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