Our first Seva in the Park

St. James Park in the middle of San Jose downtown is a mecca for the dispossessed souls in our midst. But what we didn't realize is that although they may not possess homes or much material belongings, they are each emblems of grit and forbearance. 

We had an amazing trip. All our sangha members came together to prepare lunch bags with sandwiches and other snacks, as well as care bags with jackets, fleeces, gloves, socks, personal care items. Including children. The energy was palpable.

When we reached St. James Park on a cool but sunny winter morning just before the holiday season in mid-December, we were pleasantly surprised to find so many other care stations being set up. There were literally hundreds of homeless folks patiently waiting for their gifts. It was a heart warming experience and made us resolve to do this once again in February.

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