Fall begins & so too our Yogic Indology blog

As we are getting ready for the Fall season of our Yoga Shaala in the Bay Area, we got our new & improved website up and running, and packaged up our previous content for sale as eBooks and downloadable recordings. It is important to run a sustainable operation.

We are keen to scale to a wider audience for the knowledge we have acquired so that we are able to leave a better world for future generations. This means we have to create a significant online presence, and we picked Yogic Indology as our first Blog theme. In other words, how to view the contributions of Indian civilization and Hindu culture through the lens of Yoga practitioners steeped in the tradition.

As we were ruminating on what topic in Yogic Indology we should write on, in pops an email from the Rajiv Malhotra newsgroup pointing us to a diatribe on how Hindus are suffering from Science Envy.

As they say, in the world of Yoga, there are no coincidences. We invite into our space what we yearn for the most, and so without further ado, we decided to take on this Hinduphobic writer, who panders to the forces that have prevented humanity from realizing its full potential.

Please read & COMMENT & FORWARD on...Meera Nanda's Freudian slip reveals her Hinduphobia

May Ganesha & Vishwaksena remove these obstacles for the good of humanity.

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