नाम रूप Nāma Rūpa

नाम रूप Nāma Rūpa

नाम Nāma means Name. 

रूप Rūpa means Form.


नाम Nāma and रूप Rūpa are intimately tied together and hence we sometimes speak of it as just one word,  नामरूप NāmaRūpa. For example when we recognize that the body and mind are integrated in Yoga practice we speak of the "bodymind" - as single word.

The नाम Nāma is a creation of the mind, a particular set of sounds that vibrate in a particular way. When in the Hindu culture we give a नाम Nāma to our children in aनामसंस्कार Nāmasamskār, naming ceremony, the intent is to instill a particular vibration within the child that over life resonates with every cell of its being. It thus acts as a मन्त्र Mantra, continuously guiding the individual. Indic languages, and in particular Sanskrit, have this property of natural resonance within the human body because of the perfect design of the language.

This नाम Nāma vibration now creates a certain form within our sense organs and thus we feel the full body impact of the रूप Rūpa, as a conscious being within us. In normal parlance the word रूप Rūpa conveys a visual image of perception through the eyes. When रूप Rūpa is used in the context of नामरूप NāmaRūpa it becomes a full sensory experience as the form takes over the entire personality of the individual.

Of course, living in society our given names get corrupted over time, maybe we ourselves create shortcuts for our name (like Shrinivas becomes Srini), or bullies get the better of us (like Richard becomes Dick), or we transform names into terms of endearment (like Krishna becomes Kanna). These mangled names lack the original vibrational quality and so we potentially lose the मन्त्र Mantra that could have defined our full personality.

Regardless of how society treats our given name though, we can keep our नामरूप NāmaRūpa alive as a potent मन्त्र Mantra by remembering it, and using it in our साधना Sādhana, spiritual practice.

This is why a गुरु Guru often gives a spiritual name to their students. As the recipient reflects on this name, its meaning, its potentiality, the seed that is planted grows into the transformed personality of the individual.

The beauty of नामरूप NāmaRūpa reflection is that it is akin to a मन्त्र Mantra meditation but it does not require the strict discipline required of a seated practice. All that is required is continuous reflection, while driving, cooking, walking, whatever activity.

The नामरूप NāmaRūpa is meant to be a personality shifting experience that projects itself into the material world with the full power of an internal मन्त्र Mantra. 

Speak out your नामरूप NāmaRūpa slowly, roll it around in your tongue. Repeat it mentally whenever you need a break from thinking or doing. Sign your नामरूप NāmaRūpa at the end of your journal writing practice. 

See what it feels like, where does it vibrate, what does it mean to you, how do events in your life change.

This is the practice of Reflection.

You become the reflection of your नामरूप NāmaRūpa to the world around you!

It is indeed a magical life tool, and you are now the Magician.

Isn't it amazing!

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